OneImpact Application feedback discussion during the trial period in the field

POP TB Indonesia, Jakarta – LKNU and POP TB held a Refreshing Orientation on the Use of the OneImpact Application as a feedback mechanism for the Drug Resistance Management Team (CM). This event was held on 10-11 August 2020 with the aim of refreshing the use of the OneImpact application in the field. In what lasted for two days, the participants were invited to get to know more details about the use, function and purpose of this OneImpact application.

This event also aims to gather feedback from those on duty in the field during the pilot use period directly to patients. The results of this discussion generate a lot of feedback for OneImpact application developers to make it more perfect in the future. One feedback that has been complained about is that the chat function is still not optimal, such as notifications that don’t appear when there is an incoming chat.

In the future, it is hoped that this application can be used as an intermediary to voice the rights of TB patients in health services. For now the Oneimpact application is still in the development and testing phase, and is only available in the Tangerang and Jakarta areas at this time.

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