LKNU and POP TB Indonesia voice the rights of TB patients through the OneImpact Sehat application

POP TB Indonesia, Jakarta – LKNU and POP TB held an event entitled “Voicing the obstacles of TB patients in undergoing treatment through the OneImpact application”. This event was held on August 24, 2020 at the Wyndham Hotel Jakarta, which was attended both offline and online from various parties such as the TB patient community throughout Indonesia, Stop TB Global Partnership, SSRs, Patient Supporters (PS) and Case Managers (MK). This event seeks to voice the rights of TB patients to reduce patient stigma and discrimination through the OneImpact application.

The OneImpact application provides an online feedback service. This application is designed using the internet network and smart phone which is easy to operate. There are five main menus, namely 1). Information about TB, 2). Nearest Health Facility, 3). Chat, 4). Report, and 5). Survey. Menus one through menu three are designed to empower TB patients with a variety of TB-related information and services, as well as provide networking opportunities among TB patients. The fourth menu is designed to encourage TB patients to report all complaints or obstacles they face while getting TB services. While the fifth menu is a survey regarding the use of the OneImpact Sehat application as a basis for evaluating this application program.

This application has been tested and will continue to be improved. In its refinement, the OneImpact Sehat application has been modified by Stop TB Partnership Global according to the needs in the field before it can actually be used by TB patients.

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