• Strengthen capacity of POP TB on management and organizational governance
  • Increasing capacity of Board member in terms of leadership, organizational management and advocacy.
  • Establishing TB survivor organization in all province.
  • Conducting evidence-based advocacy with community involvement for better policy for TB patients and other affected population.
  • Strengthening community at district an provincial level to be able and independently on conducting advocacy at district, province and national level.
  • Provide joint advocacy platform through community-based monitoring and feedback mechanism/system.
  • Increase TB survivor and other affected community involvement on policy advocacy
  • Increase access of TB patients to friendly treatment/medication.
  • Increase access of TB patients and other affected community to affordable medicines.
  • Utilizing information technology to advocate and to improve public awareness, reducing stigma and discrimination experienced by TB patients.
  • Incerase capacity of TB survivor organization to be able to provide promotive, preventive and supportif services.


  1. Organizational Establishment

Encouraging the efforts of forming TB Survivor organizations both by POP TB as well as by other institutions/organization focus on TB issues.

  1. Increased organizational capacity

Make efforts to improve organizational capacity through training, workshops, and meetings.

  1. Advocacy related to financing policies, treatments and other related issues
  • Encourage community involvement in the development of National Action Plan of National TB Program (NTP) for sustainability of funding and financing TB program.
  • Conduct a national meeting involving all TB survivor organizations to develop a POP TB strategy and action plan
  • Initiating multi stakeholder meeting involving stakeholders at the regional level including the private sector and private provider to engage in regional and national TB programs.
  • Encouraging community involvement in the Global Fund proposal development.
  • Encouraging community involvement in the Joint External Monitoring and Mission on TB Program (JEMM TB)
  • Community mobilization and encouraging community engagement in the community-based monitoring and feedback mechanism (CBMF)
  1. Encourage increased TB patient access to treatment
  • Provide shelter for DR-TB patients
  • Encouraging the Ministry of Health (MOH), Provincial Health Office (PHO) and referral hospital to improve/Perform the update of patient data recording to support transport (enabler) payments for TB RO patients on time.


  1. Increase the capacity (knowledge and skills) of TB survivor organization related to organizational management, report writing and data recording.
  2. Increase the capacity (knowledge and skills) of TB survivor in peer educator (pastient supporter, cadre) in 13 provinces
  3. Establishment of six TB survivor organization comprises: Riau Island, East Nusa Tenggara, South Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, Bali, and West Sumatera. Currently there are 16 TB survivor organization member of POP TB Indonesia.
  4. Encourage Country coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Indonesia to include TB RO survivors into CCM members as affected community representative. Currently, there are 2 community members of the CCM Indonesia
  5. Connect the patient’s organization to get funding through multi-sector meeting (multi-stakeholder forum) involving stakeholders from a multi sectors including the private sector and private sector provider to actively provide support to the newly formed TB survivor organizations, including providing fund support so that TB survivor organizations can actively in assisting TB programs in their area.
  6. Create a fan page “Perhimpunan Organisasi Pasien TB Indonesia (Association of TB survivor Organizations Indonesia)”, a platform to provide information on activities conducted by POP TB to the public as well as a communication platform between patients, practitioners and doctors through Facebook. Also as a communication platform for DR-TB patients, organization with all fan page members.
  7. Create fan page “TB MDR Indonesia (MDR TB Indonesia)”. A platform to communicate among DR-TB patients with TB expertise in Indonesia.
  8. Provide mentoring and technical assistant to six newly established TB survivor organization in six provinces.
  9. Provide shelters As a residential facility for the patient to bring patients closer to the referral hospital in order to remain in medication and avoid the transmission at public areas/transportation.
  10. Focus group Discussion among DR-TB patients to motivate and barrier identification on medication, including discussing about drug side effect management.
  11. Fund raising for nutritional fulfillment of 50 DR-TB patients.
  12. Has raised and collecting the basic needs to help fulfill the needs of 110 TB RO patients in the Covid-19 pandemic to keep them focused and disciplined in the treatment
  13. Has raised and collecting hygiene kits (multivitamin, hands sanitizer, face cover, soaps) for 560 DR-TB patients
  14. Virtual training of TB survivor Organization for acceleration response to Drugs Resistant in Indonesia. The virtual training involving 60 participants from 16 TB survivor organization. The training supported by WHO SEARO through Regional Green Light Committee (rGLC) SEARO.


  1. Fan Page Facebook

POP TB Indonesia fan page facebook, has routinely provide/share  information (photos, videos, writing) activity done by POP TB and TB survivor organization. Currently the number of fan page members is more than 700 members. You can see/follow POP TB Indonesia Fan Page Facebook on this  link :

  1. Fan Page Facebook TB MDR Indonesia

Fan Page Facebook TB MDR Indonesia, routinely provide/share treatment/medication experiences (including drugs side effect)  information that share by DR-TB patients who are undergoing treatment as well as updating treatment literacy by expertise or survivor. You can follow/see the fan page on

  1. Whatsapp Groups

One of platform created by POP TB Indonesia as sharing information platform among TB Survivor organization and POP TB secretariat.


  • National TB Program (NTP) – Ministry of Health of Republic Indonesia
  • Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Indonesia
  • Regional Green Light Committee (rGLC) SEARO
  • KNCV Challenge TB USAIDS
  • KNCV Indonesia Foundation
  • Nahdlatul Ulama Health Institution (LKNU)
  • Stop TB Partnership Indonesia
  • Aisyiyah (Faith-Based Organization)
  • Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC)
  • Lentera Kesehatan Nusantara Foundation
  • com (web-based charity platform for fund raising)
  • Dompet Dhuafa (charity organization)
  • Baznas (National Amil Zakat Agency, the charity institution)
  • Lembaga Kesehatan Cuma-Cuma (LKC) – Free Health Institution

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